Seasonal Moxie: Summer Twenty-sixteen

Some people make New Year’s resolutions. I am not one of those people. I create goals based on the season because it works better for my life, dreams, and sleep schedule. I also gave these goals a cooler name — seasonal moxie — because I can. 

Seasonal Moxie Summer 2016

We’re already month into summer, but (YOLO) here are the things I want to focus on for the remaining sweaty summer months I have left. As you can see from my Spring recap I did an ok job at completing last season’s goals. In an effort to focus more on my follow through I’m approaching my goals with these 5 steps. Fingers crossed for better results come fall! Let’s dive right in…

  • Be Active AF. I’ve been doing a little better about going to group fitness classes through ClassPass, but I really want there to be some form of activity every day. I’m not saying I want to get a one hour work out in every day, but something more than the walk from my car to the office and back would be nice. Basically, I’m trying to avoid getting to this level:
  • Make time weekly for creative pursuits. I’m the type of person who has too many ideas and doesn’t know what to do with them. I’ve narrowed a few ideas and I am ready to run with them. I’m excited to see where they go and how much progress I can make. I want to get in the habit of working on these projects weekly, but I don’t want to put too much pressure on finalizing anything within a certain period of time. At this phase I am leaving myself some flexibility to discover and adapt as I go.
  • Organize my room. I’ve lived in this house for almost a year now and some of my stuff is still just shoved in boxes under my bed and in my closet. I need to go through all my shit and get rid of what I don’t need. I have a pile of clothes that are waiting to be altered. These things need to find permanent homes or be donated.
  • Be more intentional with how I spend my $$$. I want to get a better grasp on how I’m spending my dollars so I can use them more wisely and on things I actually want. Less impulse shopping and more thoughtful purchases.
  • Dream routine!!!  Dudes, this is serious. I want to be this human who has a time and a place where I accomplish all this badass stuff. It’s going to be easier to accomplish all these other goals if I have a routine in place. I’ve been saying this for, like, ever ever, but I am really feeling it right now. Summer time is the perfect pressure free time to test out some new options for my schedule. I’m going to test out some different routines and adjust accordingly when necessary.

Summer is also time for FUNZIES. Here is some more lighthearted shit I would like to accomplish:

  • Ride a swan boat. I have been trying to to this FOR-EV-ER.
  • Brunch all the GD time.
  • Perfect my own iced coffee recipe
  • Swim in any water that exists, especially Barton Springs
  • Make my own signature sangria
  • Watch a movie outside

You guys, I’m feeling super pumped about this right now. Please feel free to ask me how any/all of these bad boys are doing over the next couple of months. The first day of fall is September 22nd and I’m going to do my best to attack these in full force. Starting with brunch this weekend because, duh.

Do you have any exciting summertime plans lined up?

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Seasonal Moxie: Spring Twenty-Sixteen — The Recap

I’m here to report on my successes and not quite successes of my Spring Moxie. If you need a refresher on what I was attempting to accomplish you can find the original details here.

  • Create a morning routine. LOL. Well I had a routine, it just wasn’t the one I was hoping for. My routine consists of resetting my alarm several times and barely having time to feed my cat and put on a coordinated outfit. I’m going to find a way to do this. I just gave up and stopped trying and loved my bed and morning kitty snuggles more than the idea of eating breakfast and doing morning yoga and having plenty of time to get ready in the morning. #YOLO
  • Take after dinner walks. So, I probably did this a handful of times which was great, but it didn’t quite become a habit. My reason for this was to work on my fitness. I ended up joining a volleyball team (we won the championship game!!!) and reactivating my Classpass membership, so I’ve been doing a little more physical activity which feels like a win.
  • No TV or Internet after 10 PM. There were some solid stretches here. I read Big Magic, Why Not Me?, and Chasers of Light. I definitely want to try to get back into this groove. I had to finish the new season of Orange is the New Black first, obviously.
  • Get a new tattoo! I actually got an old tattoo covered up with my new one and I couldn’t love it more! If you’re in the ATX area and looking for a tattoo artist I highly recommend Megan at Bijou.
    Boombox Tattoo
  • Try one new restaurant a month. The new restaurants I checked out were Annie’s, Counter Cafe, and Cover 3.
  • Make my room more awesome. I have officially put some art on my walls, but definitely need to add more. Gallery WallThe painting is a Synesthesia interpretation of the song “Who Knows Who Cares” by Local Natives and was done by Jennifer Morley of audioacrylics. The letter board is by Letterfolk and is currently featuring lyrics from Angel Olsen. The Joy and Sadness painting is by a pal I went to high school with (check out more of her stuff here). A friend’s BF drew me Taylor Swift with no pants on, this was obviously pre-bleach blonde bob Taylor. I also 💜  having old photos on my walls. Yes, that is a giant light up gummy bear.

I know we’re already a few weeks into summer, but I’m still working on narrowing down what to focus my energy on. I’ll be back soon with more deets. Do you have any big summer plans?

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Seasonal Moxie: Summer Twenty-fifteen — The Recap

So, Summer has been officially over for almost a month. These 90 degree October days are really throwing my east coast brain for a loop seasonally. Anyway, let’s get to it — here’s how I did on reaching my summertime goals. [Spoiler alert: Not so stellar!]

Here’s where I succeeded:

Swimming at Barton Springs


I absolutely loved this! It was so rad and so, so cold. It ended up thundering the day of my visit, so our pool time was cut short. I will definitely be back.

Visit a museum


I checked out the Blanton Museum of Art. Here’s more about the exhibit featured in the above photo.

Those are the only things that I can officially check off from my list. I had a pretty solid work out streak going then stopped completely. I had an early morning routine for about a week. I’ve deleted the Facebook app off my phone (re-downloaded and deleted again) and have checked less, but not quite once a day.

Instead of being super negative about not accomplishing these goals I’m trying to reflect on why I didn’t accomplish them. For one thing, I went through a breakup towards the beginning of the summer. Mostly because I’m always super on-trend and this was the summer of celebrity breakups. (Concerned friends and family: I’m a-ok!)  A major change like that is obviously going to complicate creating routines and being patient with yourself and adjusting accordingly is crucial.

I am also great at figuring out a list of goals I want to accomplish. I’m less great at creating a plan to actually reach those goals. This is what I’m going to take into account as I determine this season’s moxie.

Here are some things I did accomplish that weren’t on my list:

Found a favorite outdoor lunch spot that brings me the most joy ever

Ate some delicious pie

Met my nibling, Landyn! [heart eyes emoji!]

Got a flu shot + awesome tweetie bird bandaid

Drank all the iced coffee

Peanutized myself

To recap this recap: I didn’t meet even half of my goals. I’m ok with it and still did some pretty neat-o stuff. I’m ready to make a plan of attack for the autumn!



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Seasonal Moxie: Summer Twenty-fifteen

Seasonal Moxie Summer 2015
It has been a hot minute since I made some season specific goals. The last time I did this was autumn 2013, almost two entire years ago! There’s something comforting about looking back to see how much has changed, like moving to a new city, and how much has stayed the same, like trying to develop a solid workout routine.

As someone who seems to be experiencing a perpetual quarter life crisis, seasonal goals are also a way to reassure yourself that things change, you’re making progress, and everything is going to be already a-ok.

I started my goal setting brainstorming session by defining some main areas in my life I want to cultivate.emojis

After determining these aspects to focus on it was much easier to create my summer goals. Instead of thinking about all the things in my universe I could pursue I was able to target goals that would help me cultivate the relationships or positive vibes in my life.  I also divided my goals into two categories — either on going routines I want to develop or one-time adventures.

Here they are, for the first time ever on the internet!

Meet the Routines:

  • Monthly mail: Email + physical mail. Do you like email and/or receiving rad mail other than bills and your weekly grocery store coupon fliers? Do you want to help me with this goal? Give me your contact info here! (Relationships)
  • Start a weekly challenge: I know what I want this to be, but I want to keep it a secret for awhile. This way I can let it evolve become become something rad without being concerned with the number of Instagram likes I get. #millenialproblems (Creative Time)
  • Attend at least three fitness classes a week: After signing up for ClassPass I was on a pretty solid streak before my PGH vacation. I am hoping to return to my regular schedule this upcoming week. Dude, Elle Woods was totally right — endorphins make you happy! (Fitness)
  • Create an early morning routine: At one point in time, what feels like forever ago, I kicked my snooze button habit. Well somehow that sneaky snooze button made his way back into my life and has really put a damper on my mornings. If you have any rad morning routines you’d like to share with me I am definitely interested in tips, tricks, and coffee recommendations. (Positive Vibes)
  • Check Facebook once a day: This is an obvious time suck. I want to be more intentional with my friendships and communicate directly with people I care about instead of using a like button as the only form of relationship building in my life. (Positive Vibes + Relationships)

Meet the Adventures:

  • Swimming at Barton Springs (Funzies)
  • Kayak and/or swan paddle boat on the river #swangoals (Funzies)
  • Visit a museum (Funzies)
  • Create a system for documenting concerts. Confession — this has been added to many goal lists that I’ve created. I keep getting in my own way. Instead of just starting and figuring it out as I go, I put pressure on myself to have this perfect, complete idea formed and ready to execute. No more delaying. Now is the time! (Creative Time)
  • Alter thrift store finds into current fashion trends. Seriously, making that two-piece dress for the T. Swift concert was so fun! I need to do more of this. (Creative Time + Funzies)

Do you have any summertime or ongoing goals? I’d love to hear about them and be your cheerleader! Yay for self-improvement and personal growth! 😀


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Seasonal Moxie: Autumn ’13

Hey there!  Remember that time I like to make seasonal goals and stuff?  Well, I kind of just let summer happen.  There was a lot of adjusting to a new job(!) and checking out live music, and visiting friends.  I am officially ready to take on this fabulous new season.  I’m mostly excited because fall TV is back and that means more Leslie Knope life lessons.  I’m also excited because this is my first autumn being in Pittsburgh since high school, but I am not excited to deal with football season and obnoxious Steelers fans.  That’s the price you pay for living in Yinzer country.

Anyway… let me reveal what I’m attempting to accomplish this autumn.





  • Embrace PGH: at least once a month discover something new in the city
  • No gas station treats*, Sheetz, I’m looking at you.  Seeya later Foodles.  It’s been real. (*Unless traveling, as in a long trip, not the drive to work.)
  • Blog revamp: super top secret and exciting things that I’m excited about and no one else really cares about which is why it’s awesome
  • Exercise. Every other day. No. Excuses.
  • Actually fucking do it:  this is just a mentality I would like to use all the time in life and probably the only good thing I got out of working at Clear Channel.
  • Go one day a week internet & computer free
  • Stop hitting the snooze button.  For serious this time. If i am able to achieve this I hope someone will make me a trophy or ribbon or something, because man oh man is this a daunting goal that is going to require all self control I can muster.  Do you want to volunteer to make me a trophy, ribbon, or something sparkly to reward me?!  I would love you forever and you might know that you were a main factor in my greatest accomplishment in life so far.
  • Organize a family garage sale.  This is probably a stretch goal, but I’m going to put it on here anyway because I think it would benefit the entire Lonett household.  Family togetherness, yo.


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seasonal moxie: spring edition – recap





Here’s a recap of how I did on my spring goals! Spoiler alert: NOT WELL.

In no particular order:

  • Work out 3x a week: LOLZ.  There were zero weeks all spring I made it to the gym 3x a week.  At most I got there twice and it wasn’t frequently.  I did go to a couple yoga classes during the spring which were fun, hard, and sweaty!  I may be trying to incorporate more of that into my regular routine.
  • Blog 3x a week: LOLZ. I had a planner where I was scheduling out posts far in advance and everything.  Somehow they didn’t go from my planner to the interwebz?! I did write my most viewed post to date, though, on my break up and rebound.
  • Get my living space current – things that reflect who I am right now, including my closet:  I feel solid about this one.  I cleaned out my closet and donated a bunch of old clothes to Goodwill.  I took down pictures from high school and put up prints and other art.  I added some new lighting too!  I still need to make my first ever trip to IKEA to buy a rug.  I also want to buy some plants. (RIP Suzi)
  • Redesign my portfolio site & order business cards: LOLZ!!!!  I have no comment on this because absolutely nothing happened for this.  It was a nice thought, Jess Lonett of the past, however, Jess Lonett of the present has done nothing to achieve this lovely ambition.
  • Weekly reflecting & planning: LOLZ.  This is seriously going to happen in my life. For realz. It will. I swear.
  • Send more real mail: LOLZ. I think I sent 2 things in the mail, but neither of them were for fun like I had hoped, sigh.
  • More skype dates with far away friends: I achieved this goal and I would love way more of this in my life!  Proof:andrew_skype heather_skype ida_skype laura_skype


My one little word for spring was balance: LOLZ. I was obviously overly confident when I created this list and to have balance as my goal.  Balance might be a little ambitious for a twenty-something figuring out so many variables at once.  Good thing I’m reading this.   My work schedule was a major culprit for a lot of my balance issues and missed goals.  In the winter I had just started my job and didn’t have my full schedule yet.  I also always forget how crazy the spring is.  Every year I’m like, “Oh hey, April, nice to see you again!”, then WA-BAM! I’m smacked right in the face with an overwhelming spring that I don’t know how it started let alone how it is over.  Next year, spring, next year.

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seasonal moxie: spring edition

So, I know Spring doesn’t technically start until March 20th, but for my own organizational purposes it is easier for me to go by full months and not the official seasonal calendar.  Also, who doesn’t want to pretend it’s spring sooner than it really is? Winter can GTFO of my life any day now and I would be totally a-ok with that!





I feel pretty solid with how my Winter Moxie went.  If you missed it you can check out my recap here.  Winter was definitely a lot of changes and getting used to the new schedule with my job and living back at home.  I am prepared and ready to take on the spring now!

In no particular order:

  • Work out 3x a week
  • Blog 3x a week
  • Get my living space current – things that reflect who I am right now, including my closet
  • Redesign my portfolio site & order business cards
  • Send more real mail
  • More skype dates with far away friends
  • Weekly reflecting & planning

For winter, my one little word I chose to focus on was selfish.  I still dig this perspective and will continue to have it in the back of my mind with decision making at this point in my life.  It has definitely helped to combat my people pleasing nature a bit!  So now moving forward with my word for spring:
balance_olwBalance is another area that I believe it’s easy to struggle with if you aren’t actively trying to maintain it.  The balance between going out and staying in, healthy foods vs treats, and getting enough sleep will make a big difference with balance being the focus.  A more specific area I want to find balance between is doing things on online vs doing things offline.  It is too easy to get wrapped up in technology and I want to make sure that computer screens and my iphone aren’t dominating such a big percentage of my life.  I have already set up my moxie goals to focus on balance.  I’m excited to see how balance is going to affect my thought process and decision making for the spring!

Warmer weather, I am patiently anticipating your arrival.

photo source

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seasonal moxie: winter edition – recap





Here’s a recap of how I did on my winter goals!

In no particular order:

  • Organize old photos, nostalgic childhood/high school stuff: I accomplished a lot of this.  I scanned all my old photos, but there is still some more stuff to sort through.  Please enjoy this vintage Jess Lonett gem I discovered in the process:
  • Digital overhaul (back up photos, unsubscribe from irrelevant emails, etc): I did some of this.  I really need to tackle organizing my email, but it’s terrifying.  However, I did get my 100% out of control desktop clutter fixed. See before and after: desktop_clutterdesktop_clean
  • Drink more water, at least 2 Nalgene bottles a day, and no soda until my water minimum has been met: UGH! I did so good with this one in December.  Then I started working at a restaurant and it threw off my water drinking and enabled drinking soda more.  I am still in the process of making this better, but this goal definitely has made me more aware of what I’m drinking which is improvement.
  •  Run or walk a mile a day or even this from Thanksgiving until New Years. (at least every other day will be a win, but everyday would be the best!) {Inspiration here} : I ran 11 miles between Thanksgiving and New Years.  This is definitely not a daily mile or even every other day, but it is more miles than I have ever ran in that short of a time, so I give myself a C+ for effort.
  • No fast food:  I’ve done really well on this one!  I’ve only had a Big Mac once and I was kind of hungover, so desperate times call for desperate measures.  I also had tots at Sonic a few times.  This has definitely made me evaluate what I’m eating more and it is definitely an improvement over how frequently I would get fast food in Harrisonburg.
  • Cancel Netflix & no TV shows or movies before 8pm: I canceled my Netflix and I’ve only watched TV before 8pm 2 or 3 times.  I feel really good about these restrictions.  You can read about cancelling my Netflix account here.
  • Own an infinity scarf.  If anyone would like to make me one I wouldn’t say no and I would probably love you forever, or at least until the weather warms up:  I got an infinity scarf for Christmas and wear it on the reg.  I LOVE IT!

I feel good about what I accomplished in the past 3 months and look forward to continue with the habits I started to form.  I’m also excited for what the next three months has to offer!

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canceling netflix: the dawson’s creek effect

I can check off one of my Seasonal Moxie goals as complete!  There are a few reasons I wanted to cancel my Neflix account.  The main reason I got Netlix was because I didn’t have cable for the past two years, but now that I’m living at home and my parents have cable it seems silly to continue to pay for this when I can walk downstairs and find something mindless to watch on TV if I have the urge.  House Hunters? The Real Housewives of Wherever?  That 70s show?  At any point in time during a 24 hour span I am certain one of these options is available.

The more important reason is what I am going to refer to as “The Dawson’s Creek Effect”.  I just finished watching all six seasons of Dawson’s Creek.  Pegs wouldn’t let me watch it when it was originally on, so I had only ever seen random re-runs here and there.  I knew the general story, but wanted to watch the entire thing.  Plus, I had visited Wilmington, NC,where filming took place, this summer and thought it’d be neat-o to see where I had been while watching.

The thing with The Dawson’s Creek Effect is its potent combination of nostalgia and easy access that traps you before you’re even aware.  The late ’90s early ’00s fashion, teen angst, and relatability of a twenty-something you didn’t have when when you were watching the first time is all right there.  You can now identify with the college years your high school self couldn’t. All of these things rope you in and before you know it you’ve just spent your Saturday watching 6 episodes of Dawson’s Creek and haven’t had anything to eat or drink besides the coffee you made before you hit “watch next episode” the first time.

I knew if I didn’t cancel my subscription now The Dawson’s Creek Effect would get me again in the form of One Tree Hill or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  For now if I am craving some of that nostalgic TV I will just re-watch The OC or Gilmore Girls I have on DVD.  I mean changing the discs at least makes you question how long you’ve been watching compared to the next episode will start in 15 seconds feature Netflix uses to exploit your self control.


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seasonal moxie: winter edition





Last January I decided to start making seasonal goals instead of yearly resolutions. You can see last winter’s seasonal moxie post here.  After winter my life seemed to be going non-stop. No other season had any moxie, how sad!  I am currently dedicated to seasonal goals, so hopefully after I dominate my winter moxie list I will be ready for a fun spring moxie adventure too!

In no particular order:

  • Organize old photos, nostalgic childhood/high school stuff
  • Digital overhaul (back up photos, unsubscribe from irrelevant emails, etc)
  • Drink more water, at least 2 Nalgene bottles a day, and no soda until my water minimum has been met
  •  Run or walk a mile a day or even this from Thanksgiving until New Years. (at least every other day will be a win, but everyday would be the best!) {Inspiration here}
  • No fast food
  • Cancel Netflix & no TV shows or movies before 8pm
  • Own an infinity scarf.  If anyone would like to make me one I wouldn’t say no and I would probably love you forever, or at least until the weather warms up.

I have also decided to choose one little word to focus on too. {Inspiration here}  My life is changing too quickly for me to pick a word that will be relevant for an entire year.  That’s correct, I am so anti-commitment right now that I can’t even choose a word to focus on for a year. I’m totally fine with it.  Here is the word I have chosen:Selfish definitely has a negative connotation associated with it.  However, I’m using it as a positive motivator to focus on growing and becoming a more rad version of myself.  I identify with self-centered more [absorbed with oneself, independent, self-sufficient] but a hyphenated word seems like cheating the one little word.  Being selfish is kind of difficult for my people pleasing self.  What do you mean I have to figure out what I want and make decisions based on me and me alone?!  Terrifying, right?

Bring it on winter.  I’m ready for you.

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