33 at 33!

Birthdays make me hella introspective and boy oh boy am I glad I’m past the cry on my birthday phase of my mid-twenty’s (and again when I turned 30, but I blame those tears on the champagne…)

I used to do this thing where I would make a list of things I wanted to do during the year that corresponded with how old I was and wanted to bring it back. I made my current list and then went back and looked at my previous lists. (24 is here and 25 is here) It’s wild to me that some items that were on those lists also made it on my current list. A reminder of how little my interests and goals have changed while at the same time I feel like a completely different human than I was at 24. I told you birthdays make me hella introspective!

In no particular order here is my official 33 at 33 list:

  1. go to an entire day without using the internet
  2. track the moon cycles for a month
  3. host a brunch
  4. decorate my room with disco balls
  5. ride a roller coaster
  6. paint a mural
  7. take a two-step lesson
  8. Make reusable bags for groceries (and use them)
  9. send mail for no particular reason
  10. get my passport
  11. go on a solo trip
  12. Perform in an out of town comedy festival
  13. Re-Read the Harry Potter series
  14. Solve some algebra problems
  15. Discover a signature cocktail to make for guests
  16. Start a podcast with Grammie
  17. Bake a pie
  18. Complete a puzzle
  19. Try out for the dallas cowboy cheerleaders
  20. Develop a morning routine
  21. buy or make a bolo tie
  22. Go to a spurs game
  23. buy a record player
  24. Get photos physically printed
  25. pay off my credit card
  26. Go on a picnic
  27. embroider a denim jacket or blazer
  28. Wear fringe
  29. omg do that body paint thing from bachelor in paradise.
  30. get my palm read
  31. Read some fan ficton
  32. perform a choreographed dance
  33. do a ropes course or zip line

If you want to do any of these cute things with me let me know! <3

PS: You can follow along with my progress here!


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Electric Pursuit: A Career Manifesto

If you haven’t heard through other channels on the interwebz, I lost my job.  As I start out on my job hunting journey I wanted to make sure I have a clear vision for what I’m looking for.

I decided to create a career manifesto inspired by a recent episode one of my favorite podcasts, Happier. I approached writing my manifesto as a guiding force as I apply for new opportunities. I also wanted to make sure that it was something I could use in the future as I make career decisions down the line.

Here it is, making its public debut, Electric Pursuit: A Career Manifesto.

Confused about what these 7 things mean to me? I’ll give you the breakdown.

The phrase electric pursuit was born during my quarter life crisis days with my bestie, Jithu. It started as a rallying cry for finding a job in DC, but morphed into something more. For me electric pursuit represents searching for something that excites you and lights you up as a human.

1. Love over fear. This one is simple and something that I try to keep in the front of my mind with everything I do. I want to make sure that I am making choices based on love instead of out of fear.

2. Your career is not who you are. This is something that I constantly need reminded of. I don’t find all of my self worth from what job I have. Sometimes it’s ok if your job allows you to do the other things that you love. It’s also ok to want a career that you love and find meaningful.

3. Everything is temporary and everything is forever. This one is a little more abstract, but stay with me. 😉 What I mean by everything is temporary is that both the good and bad are not going to last forever. You can get through the bad days, but also make sure you appreciate the good days too. “But Jess! Next you say that everything is forever!? WTF?” I see this as a reminder that whatever position you are currently in is your forever. Your every day is going to look the same for the foreseeable future unless you make changes. Finding the balance between temporary and forever just feels right to me. (I’m a libra, I can’t help it.)

4.  Opportunities are out there, but you might have to be the one to create them. My dream job may not exist out there in a perfectly packaged position waiting for me to apply. I want to be open to the opportunities that exist and be willing to find a way even if they don’t.

5. Knowing what you don’t want is just as important in knowing what you do. I tend to be jealous of people who have always known they wanted to be [fill in the blank]. I was never that person and that is ok. There are lots of ways to figure out what you want. I have learned so much from my past experiences and that is a great thing to keep in mind that I now know what environments I do well in as well as the ones that I don’t.

6. Confidence, Cohen! Yes. This is an OC reference.

confidence_cohenI read The Confidence Gap from The Atlantic years ago and it really stuck with me. “Do men doubt themselves sometimes? Of course. But they don’t let their doubts stop them as often as women do.” This is my reminder to believe in myself and my skills because I’m pretty awesome.

7. Aspire and adapt. This one is to make sure that I’m always thinking about future goals and big pictures stuff while remaining flexible with the way that I’ll reach those goals. It’s easy for me to get trapped in a routine or become focused on one way to accomplish something.

I’m hoping this will help me as I continue to search for what’s next! I’m planning to revisit my manifesto every three months or so to see if I’m still living up to these ideas.

I’ll keep you updated on how it works out for me! Up next may be a dating manifesto…

Have you ever written a manifesto?

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Pro-tips for Big Moves and/or Road Trips

pro-tips for big moves and road trips

Pro-tip #1!
Wear the same outfit for at least 48 hours straight. I highly recommend leggings – because duh. Pair a loose fitting short sleeve top + cardigan + infinity scarf for perfect temperature controlling layers. Top off your look with a knit hat to save time on trying to make your hair presentable for the gas station attendants and Taco Bell employees you’ll be interacting with throughout your journey.pro-tips outfit

Pro-tip #2
Download as many podcasts as you possibly can. You can dedicate time to do research on the hippest, buzziest podcasts of the moment or arbitrarily choose based on iTunes recommendations. My absolute favorite I discovered through the haphazard latter method was “Grown Ups Read Things They Wrote as Kids”. Seriously obsessed.

Pro-tip #3
Invent games to entertain yourself. My creation was  Identify Crisis Shuffle. Instructions: put your iPod Classic (if you still have this ancient technology, RIP) or other musical device of choice on shuffle and then try to name the artist. You will encounter surprise, delight, and accidental self-reflection through this process. My round went from Edward Sharpe (x) to Discovery (x) to Alex Winston (!) to The Films (!) to Ke$ha (!) to Tilly and the Wall (!) to Liz Phair (x, my guess was Jewel) to Freak Owls (x) to Bad Books (x) to The Wheeler Brothers (x). You may even find some hidden gems you forgot about. My favorite was Tilly and the Wall’s “Too Excited”. Correct = ! Wrong = x

DISCLAIMER: While I did not experience any strong #feelz while playing Identify Crisis Shuffle if you have hidden landmines of heartache or nostalgic in your music library you may want to proceed with caution. Lord help me if Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb” came on during my game.

In addition to these pro-tips you will make many deep revelations about life on your drive. One out of many examples I discovered in my heart of hearts was, “Do I crunch into a Tootsie Roll Pop instead of slowly letting the candy coating melt away because of the owl commercials?!!!?!” The world may never know, y’all.

Happy travels.

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TL;DR: New Blog + I’m Moving to ATX

Welcome to my new blog, y’all! I started my first blog in 2010 as a New Year’s Resolution.  Every couple of years I end up getting bored with the name/design/whatever I have chosen and decide to make a switch to something that feels more me at the moment.  Lucky for you I have imported all those previous iterations right here.

The Random Thoughts of Jess Lonett: January 2010-December 2011


Fave and/or most embarrassing posts: Top 13 Best “Belt it Out in the Car” Songs | Recap on the Hills Series Finale | Did I Just Join the Roller Derby? | Is it Facebook Official? | My Love for Katy Perry Infographic

Adorable All Day: December 2011-October 2013


Fave and/or most embarrassing posts: 1787: The Year that Changed my Life | My Breakup and Rebound | Canceling Netflix: The Dawson’s Creek Effect

Electric Pursuit: March 2014 – October 2014

Fave and/or most embarrassing posts: A Love Story | A Tale of Friendship | hyperchick3317

!!!: February 2015 – FOREVER, or another year or two until I want something new and refreshing to match the way my future self feels.

!!! is going to fill up with memories, thoughts, feelings, playlists, love letters to Dr. Spencer Reid, inspiration, goals, adventures, pizza parties, all things adorable, and anything else I decide should be documented for myself and the unsuspecting reader, that’s you, who falls down the rabbit hole of the interwebz and lands here.

In the wise words of Willow Rosenberg, “Life goes by so fast, if you don’t write stuff down it just gets lost. And I want to remember.”

In addition to my blog getting a new home out there in cyber space, I’m moving to Austin, TX soon. Like, real soon. Like, in two weeks soon. I have a lot of feels and looming feels that I know are going to sneak up on me the way feels often do. I’m super stoked and ready to GTFO of Pittsburgh’s gloomy winter and embrace the sunny with a high of 75 lifestyle.

The only for sure things I know so far: I’m leaving PGH on March 3rd and going with this fella. I’m equal parts excited and terrified.

ATX, ready or not, here I come.


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