33 at 33!

Birthdays make me hella introspective and boy oh boy am I glad I’m past the cry on my birthday phase of my mid-twenty’s (and again when I turned 30, but I blame those tears on the champagne…)

I used to do this thing where I would make a list of things I wanted to do during the year that corresponded with how old I was and wanted to bring it back. I made my current list and then went back and looked at my previous lists. (24 is here and 25 is here) It’s wild to me that some items that were on those lists also made it on my current list. A reminder of how little my interests and goals have changed while at the same time I feel like a completely different human than I was at 24. I told you birthdays make me hella introspective!

In no particular order here is my official 33 at 33 list:

  1. go to an entire day without using the internet
  2. track the moon cycles for a month
  3. host a brunch
  4. decorate my room with disco balls
  5. ride a roller coaster
  6. paint a mural
  7. take a two-step lesson
  8. Make reusable bags for groceries (and use them)
  9. send mail for no particular reason
  10. get my passport
  11. go on a solo trip
  12. Perform in an out of town comedy festival
  13. Re-Read the Harry Potter series
  14. Solve some algebra problems
  15. Discover a signature cocktail to make for guests
  16. Start a podcast with Grammie
  17. Bake a pie
  18. Complete a puzzle
  19. Try out for the dallas cowboy cheerleaders
  20. Develop a morning routine
  21. buy or make a bolo tie
  22. Go to a spurs game
  23. buy a record player
  24. Get photos physically printed
  25. pay off my credit card
  26. Go on a picnic
  27. embroider a denim jacket or blazer
  28. Wear fringe
  29. omg do that body paint thing from bachelor in paradise.
  30. get my palm read
  31. Read some fan ficton
  32. perform a choreographed dance
  33. do a ropes course or zip line

If you want to do any of these cute things with me let me know! <3

PS: You can follow along with my progress here!


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