calm the fuck down i pinky promise you won’t be single forever.

Valentine’s day is my favorite! Life hack: if you tell all your friends over the years that Valentine’s day is your favorite everyone reaches out to you on Valentine’s day and then you feel super special and loved.

One of my Valentine’s day traditions is to create a mix cd with my bestie, Shan. It started out being an angsty, single and bitter fueled activity. Over the years we’ve mellowed and it has evolved into a celebration of our dramatic, younger selves and a reminder that being single is not the end of the world.

Whether you spent this February wallowing in your single status or happily coupled you’ll definitely dig these tunes. pinky_promise

If you’d like to check out our previous creations you can find them here:

2005: It Sucks to Be Single

2006: It Still Sucks to Be Single

2007: It Totally Still Sucks to Be Single

2008: It Really Totally Still Sucks to Be Single

2009: It Honestly Really Totally Still Sucks to Be Single

2016: Calm the Fuck Down You Won’t Be Single Forever

2017: Calm the Fuck Down I Promise you Won’t Be Single Forever

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