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atm3Super stoked for The O.C. and New Girl worlds colliding.

After recently re-watching¬†all of Mad Men (Peggy Olson 4Ever!) I totally thought there were only 2 Bobby Drapers… 3 max. Turns out there were eight Bobby Drapers throughout the 7 seasons. Sally Draper, aka Kiernan Shipka, had some stuff to say about each of them. I can really relate to “Slurpee Bobby”.

I love, love, love this cover of Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn”.

This Instagram account always speaks the truth.

Oh, ya know, just an interview with the little girl from Titanic who got to dance with ultimate heartthrob, Jack Dawson, #swoon

Somehow at parties in college I always ended up having heart to hearts with people I wasn’t super close with. It may have had something to do with the jungle juice we were drinking, or it might also have something to do with me hating small talk. Let’s be real, it was probably a combination of the two, but anyway, I really dig this sentiment.

This is my dream prom experience.

I just watched, Iris and she is a true fashion inspiration and icon for just being herself. Her sass is perfection.

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  1. 1. The Torn cover sounds a little whiny to me, but overall fairly enjoyable. Not bad. I do love that they are doing an Imbruglia cover, period. And I’m sorry for your loss, if their split is still a thing.

    2. yoyoha is an interesting name. I think January is exactly as heartless as he depicts.

    3. Though I don’t have the same seething hatred for small talk that you do, I love that you feel so strongly about it. You should totally take up that dating method.

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