at the moment | two.

at the moment | 2
This “Not on Tour” tee from Tegan & Sara is something I may need to add to my collection of concert tees.

Why must we hate the things teen girls love? Do you find yourself scoffing at Twilight fans?
“Mocking teenage girls and portraying their interest as worthless can further reinforce ideas that things created for women and by women are unimportant…We hate everything they love, on principle. How are they supposed to grow up to be writers, thinkers, artists, lawyers, doctors or anything when they feel subhuman?”

You know, just a meerkat napping in a basket of stuffed meerkats!!!

The best cover of the Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World“.

Ummm,.. Katy Perry sang back up for P.O.D. When your high school youth group days collide with your present day pop obsessions your mind is officially blown.

This halloween I might just bedazzle this shit out of a pumpkin.

This gif is mesmerizing.

A super awesome Kickstarter for a documentary on boyband fangirls. I donated and, if you still get giddy when you hear “Bye Bye Bye” on the radio, maybe you should consider it too.

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