Seasonal Moxie: Summer Twenty-fifteen

Seasonal Moxie Summer 2015
It has been a hot minute since I made some season specific goals. The last time I did this was autumn 2013, almost two entire years ago! There’s something comforting about looking back to see how much has changed, like moving to a new city, and how much has stayed the same, like trying to develop a solid workout routine.

As someone who seems to be experiencing a perpetual quarter life crisis, seasonal goals are also a way to reassure yourself that things change, you’re making progress, and everything is going to be already a-ok.

I started my goal setting brainstorming session by defining some main areas in my life I want to cultivate.emojis

After determining these aspects to focus on it was much easier to create my summer goals. Instead of thinking about all the things in my universe I could pursue I was able to target goals that would help me cultivate the relationships or positive vibes in my life.  I also divided my goals into two categories — either on going routines I want to develop or one-time adventures.

Here they are, for the first time ever on the internet!

Meet the Routines:

  • Monthly mail: Email + physical mail. Do you like email and/or receiving rad mail other than bills and your weekly grocery store coupon fliers? Do you want to help me with this goal? Give me your contact info here! (Relationships)
  • Start a weekly challenge: I know what I want this to be, but I want to keep it a secret for awhile. This way I can let it evolve become become something rad without being concerned with the number of Instagram likes I get. #millenialproblems (Creative Time)
  • Attend at least three fitness classes a week: After signing up for ClassPass I was on a pretty solid streak before my PGH vacation. I am hoping to return to my regular schedule this upcoming week. Dude, Elle Woods was totally right — endorphins make you happy! (Fitness)
  • Create an early morning routine: At one point in time, what feels like forever ago, I kicked my snooze button habit. Well somehow that sneaky snooze button made his way back into my life and has really put a damper on my mornings. If you have any rad morning routines you’d like to share with me I am definitely interested in tips, tricks, and coffee recommendations. (Positive Vibes)
  • Check Facebook once a day: This is an obvious time suck. I want to be more intentional with my friendships and communicate directly with people I care about instead of using a like button as the only form of relationship building in my life. (Positive Vibes + Relationships)

Meet the Adventures:

  • Swimming at Barton Springs (Funzies)
  • Kayak and/or swan paddle boat on the river #swangoals (Funzies)
  • Visit a museum (Funzies)
  • Create a system for documenting concerts. Confession — this has been added to many goal lists that I’ve created. I keep getting in my own way. Instead of just starting and figuring it out as I go, I put pressure on myself to have this perfect, complete idea formed and ready to execute. No more delaying. Now is the time! (Creative Time)
  • Alter thrift store finds into current fashion trends. Seriously, making that two-piece dress for the T. Swift concert was so fun! I need to do more of this. (Creative Time + Funzies)

Do you have any summertime or ongoing goals? I’d love to hear about them and be your cheerleader! Yay for self-improvement and personal growth! 😀


3 thoughts on “Seasonal Moxie: Summer Twenty-fifteen

  1. I love how you found the perfect emojis for your summer goals 🙂 I loved the month I had with Class Pass! And I hear ya on those endorphins. I used to hate exercising, but in the last year I’ve found classes I’m hooked on and now it’s my favorite way to get happy 🙂

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