25 while i’m 25!

So here is my list of 25 things to do while I’m 25. Last year was the first year I made a list like this. You can check out how I did with my goals here. I’ve been narrowing down my list for a couple months now; getting the vibe of what 25 is like and what I want to focus on!

In no particular order…

  1. Go Cosmic Bowling
  2. Read more books
  3. Take more photos
  4. Make home made pizza dough
  5. Visit the National Zoo
  6. Quit biting/picking my nails for forever
  7. Visit Austin
  8. Learn more about graphic design
  9. Create my own signature cocktail
  10. Try to start running
  11. Make a book to keep track of concerts I go to
  12. No more snooze button. (This might kill me)
  13. Watch the sunrise at Redish Knob
  14. Go to the beach & build a sandcastle
  15. Create weather/mood related playlists
  16. Make a laptop case for Marcela, my mac
  17. Work on organization skills
  18. Eat out less, especially fast food
  19. Make a quilt out of my old t-shirts
  20. See Titanic in theaters in 3-D
  21. Find some everyday earrings
  22. Work on my writing skills
  23. Make less impulse purchases
  24. Stay inspired
  25. Take pictures in a photobooth

There’s a lot of doing, making, and learning. 25 has treated me well so far. I hope it stays that way.

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