24 things to do while i’m 24.

I found this idea from a blog I read and you can check it out here. The girl who writes the blog, Elise, makes a list of things to do for the year on her birthday. The number of things on the list is however old you are.

I’ve been twenty-four for almost 3 months now and have had this list written on some scrap paper for awhile and am finally getting around to sharing it! Here it is, in no particular order.

  1. Watch the sun rise at Reddish Knob.
  2. Send Christmas Cards.
  3. Try out for the roller derby.
  4. Go on a trip somewhere I’ve never been.
  5. Get a new tattoo.
  6. Decorate the top of my desk.
  7. Organize my OPA box.
  8. Eat less fast food.
  9. Have a Miss America party.
  10. Open an Etsy account.
  11. Experiment with video.
  12. Get a haircut I like a lot.
  13. Go to the National Zoo.
  14. Get on a regular work out schedule.
  15. Go to a Drive-In.
  16. Find a favorite flower.
  17. Get better at walking in heels.
  18. Buy something from the farmers market.
  19. Create a focus for my website.
  20. See Katy Perry perform live.
  21. Sew something from a pattern.
  22. Find a place to volunteer.
  23. Put yummy smelling candles in my room (and avoid starting a fire).
  24. Do something nice for my parents not on a holiday, just because.
I’ll keep you updated on my list when I complete them!
Yesterday I took care of #12:

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