top 13 best “belt it out in the car” songs…

Singing in the car is one of my favorite pastimes. One of my favorites that it has even made it onto my facebook interests, and you know if it’s on facebook then it must be true. Anyway, I’ve compiled a list of my top 13 best “belt it out in the car” songs. The location really doesn’t have anything to do with why they’re the best to belt out. I just do most of my singing there because my singing isn’t suitable for most public settings and Sinclair doesn’t judge me. There also isn’t a reason for choosing 13 except for these are my favorite and I don’t think there is a need to make it a top 10 list if I have 13 favorites.

#13 Miley Cyrus- “The Climb”: No matter what is going on that day, when I hear The Climb, I just want to take on the world and do something great. Even if that something great is just smiling on the way to class because this song was just on the radio.

#12 Kelly Clarkson- “Since You Been Gone”: When Kelly breaks out to the chorus for the first time I can’t help getting into this song. It’s a girl power, I’m over you anthem that really thrives in the singing in the car atmosphere.

#11 Mr. Big- “To Be With You”: This is just a great 80s jam and a personal fav. If you can blast this song and not feel the urge to sing along more power to you.

#10 Avril Lavigne- “Sk8er Boi”: I don’t know who hasn’t wanted to be with a sk8er boi at one time or another. I feel the rush of teenage angst every time I sing along with this one. I mean Avril is so hardcore, no wonder she ends up with the sk8er boi backstage after the show.

#9 Lady Gaga- “Bad Romance”: I only have a few words on this one… ga ga ohh la la.

#8 Whitney Houston- “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”: This song not only makes me want to sing a long but I really wanna dance with somebody too. In most situations I’ve been and this song comes on the dance floor is packed with groups of girls singing at the top of their lungs. I really wouldn’t want it any other way, I don’t think Whitney would either.

#7 Gloria Gaynor- “I Will Survive”: I know from a recent Sing Star experience that this song is perfect for any Karaoke scenario that could come up in your life.

#6 Spice Girls- “Wannabe”: This might just be the ultimate girly song to sing. I think it just brings back all those sleepover party memories and makes you want to bust out a hair brush and sing into it while you picture yourself as Scary Spice.

#5 Alicia Keys- “If I Ain’t Got You”: Some people want it all, and some people just want to pretend like they can sing 1/16th as good as Alicia Keys. I might also enjoy serenading people I just meet with this song with my friends. Alicia Keys makes all of these things possible.

#4 Taylor Swift- “Love Story”: This song just really made me love Taylor Swift. I can’t even count the number of times I have driven past my destination just so I could continue to sing along with the radio when this song is on. I still get giddy each and every time T.Swift gets tired of waiting and then Romeo shows up on the outskirts of town.

#3 Celine Dion- “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now”: This is Celine at her finest. The beauty of this song: the wind, the orchestra, the slamming of the door. I can hardly handle it. (also if there’s only one video you watch I recommend this one.)

#2 Elton John- “Tiny Dancer”: The anticipation for the chorus of this one is what makes it so great to sing to. You’re just waiting and waiting and waiting. Then BAM! it’s here! This scene from Almost Famous captures the reason why this song is such a fantastic song to belt out in the car.

#1 Mariah Carey- “You’ll Always Be My Baby”: Good old Mariah is holding down the top spot in my heart. This song just reminds me of windows down and summer time. I really don’t have the words to express my love for it or why it’s such a great song to belt out. You should probably just believe me when I say that it is by far the greatest song to sing in the car.

Let me know if you have a favorite song to sing in the car/shower/walking to class/before you go to bed/wherever. Maybe I’ll give it a try next time I go on a roadtrip.

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  1. I think we should have a driving adventure just to sing road tunes. Kinda surprised you don't have any disney. One of my favs to belt out is "I'll make a man outta you" from Mulan.

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